Pavel Lipavský

Born: May 17, 1956, Prague

Fields of interest and research experience:

General field: theoretical physics of many-body systems

Topics related to electronic properties of semiconductors:

high-field transport; mesoscopic transport; deep impurity; layered structures

Topics related to nuclear matter:

simulations of heavy ion reactions; giant resonance

Topics related to superconductivity:

internal electric fields; microscopic theory; non-equilibrium Ginzburg-Landau theory

Curiculum vitae:

Scientific training and activity

1975–80 study at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University, Prague

1980 finished studies; diploma work, superviser L. Krlín, Non-linear interaction of waves with plasma

1980 appointed at the Institute of Physics, Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, Prague, theoretical group

1987 defended Thesis, superviser B. Velický, Non-equilibrium Green function approach to transport in semiconductors

1988–1990 two year stay at The Ohio State University, USA, group of J. W. Wilkins

2003 appointed at the Institute of Physics of the Charles University, Praha

2007 habilitation associated professor

2014 full professor