• Condensed Matter Theory I
    Code: NFPL108
    Range in summer semester: 2/0 Zk
    Annotation: Atomic vibrations are expressed in terms of bosonic fields (phonons), while electrons form a Fermi liquid embedeed in the periodic potential of nuclei. From these fields we evaluate elementary properties of crystals.

  • Condensed Matter Theory II
    Code: NFPL109
    Range in winter semester: 2/0 Zk
    Annotation: Quantum-statistical theory of non-equilibrium properties of crystals.

  • Solid State Theory
    Code: NFPL182
    Range in winter semester: 4/2 Zk
    Annotation: Physical properties of solids. Influence of translation symmetry and its distorsion by external fields and internal perturbations. Lattics vibrations are used to show a quantization of physical fields. Quasiparticles (excitons, magnons, plasmons, polarons) are introduced. Application of the perturbation theory methods, canonical transformations, and Green functions to the electron-phonon interaction is used for investigation of their mutual interaction.