Departement of magnetooptics

Department of magnetooptics is involved in teaching at Charles University (bachelor, master and doctoral studies). It educates both undergraduate and graduate students with a focus on optics, magnetooptics and solids.

The research in the department is focused on the study of thin magnetic layers, periodic structures, photonic crystals and scintillation materials. The most important experimental techniques include magneto-optical spectroscopy and ellipsometry. Another area of interest is the micromagnetic theory of ultrafast magnetization processes, for example vortices remagnetization.

Significant parts of magnetooptics department: Laboratory of liquid phase epitaxy and laboratory of spectroscopic ellipsometry and magnetooptics spectroscopy.

Research of department is focused on:

  • The study of optical and magneto-optical response of materials and nanostructures
  • Optical determination of geometric profiles periodic nanostructures (optical scatterometry)
  • Dynamics of magnetic domains and vortices
  • Scintillation materials
  • Thin epitaxial layers