Study of optical and magneto-optical response of materials and nanostructures

Optics of polarized light is important for the research of magneto-optical response of planar structures. We deal with optical electromagnetic theory and experimental methods for measuring optical and magneto-optical properties of complex structures.

Optical determination of geometric profiles - optical scatterometry

Study of lithographic processes using optical or magneto-optical spectroscopy. Optical spectrum is used to determine geometric parameters of the periodic structure.

Dynamics of magnetic vortices and domain

Study of switching and dynamic distribution of spin excitations in magnetic micro-and nano-structures

The magnetic layers and structures


Scintillation material works as a converter which can transform high-energy radiation or photon energy of the incident particle to the group of the ultraviolet photons or visible light that can be detected by photomultipliers or photodiodes.

Scintillation materials are widely used in medicine (PET positron emission tomography, computed tomography CT), industry (flaw, geology, astronomy) and high-energy physics (CERN - LHC Collider).

Thin epitaxial layers

Study of technology and preparation of thin epitaxial layers using method of liquid phase epitaxy