Protein dynamics studied by means of optical spectroscopy

Author: Bc. Tomáš Pazderka
Supervisor: RNDr. Vladimír Kopecký Jr., PhD.
Type: Master

Abstract: In this diploma thesis a software for Two-dimensional correlation spectroscopy (2DCoS) was programmed and tested. Possible spectral phenomena in 2DCoS analysis of vibrational circular dichroism were tested on model cases. Thermal and time dependent series of Raman and Raman optical activity spectra of lysozyme protein were measured for practical applications of 2DCoS. Fibrillation and denaturation process of lysozyme was analyzed by means of 2DCoS and Factor analysis (FA). Proteins NKR-P1A and NKR-P1C were also studied and their thermal dynamics was monitored by means of Fourier transformed infrared spectroscopy and Raman spectroscopy. Dynamical behaviour of all studied proteins was characterized using 2DCoS.

Keywords: Two-dimensional correlation spectroscopy, Raman optical activity, Lysozyme, Raman spectroscopy, Infrared spectroscopy, NKR-P1 protein