Drop coating deposition Raman Spectroscopy (DCDR) of body fluids

Author: Bc. Naďa Rosová
Supervisor: RNDr. Vladimír Kopecký Jr., PhD.
Type: Bachelor

Abstract: In this work we studied biomedical application of vibrational spectroscopy, especially the drop coating deposition Raman (DCDR) spectra of body fluids, in our case of the cerebrospinal fluid and blood serum. The DCDR method is based on depositing of a drop on a hydrophobic substrate and measuring a spectrum of a created ring. We focused on the reproducibility of spectral measurements with respect to the configuration of Raman microspectrometer and to the sample stability in time. We measured the depth profile of the ring and estimated its thickness to 1 μm. We showed, that the samples of cerebrospinal fluid do not photodegrade, however, kept at room temperatures they degrade after few days, which can be slowed down by keeping them at low temperatures. Generally, the normal and diseased cerebrospinal fluids differ in the composition and concentration of proteins, thus, DCDR technique could be used in rapid identification of normal and pathological samples of the cerebrospinal fluid.

Keywords: DCDR, Raman spectroscopy, cerebrospinal fluid