Microkalorimetric determination of energy changes at DNA duplex formation

Author: Mgr. Pavla Pečínková (roz. Ottová)
Supervisor: Prof. RNDr. Josef Štěpánek, CSc.
Type: Bachelor

Abstract: This work deals with characterization of thermodynamic properties of nucleic acids duplexes. The measurements of the duplex disintegration and formation were performed by using a differential scanning microcalorimeter. Experimental data were analyzed successfully by means of a two-state model. The thermodynamic parameters of the transition (enthalpy and entropy changes ΔH and ΔS) and the melting temperature were determined for DNA nonamers at various concentrations and for RNA homopolymers. The work has also pointed out the possibilities and limitations of the device in application to nucleic acid research.

Keywords: DNA duplex, microcalorimetry, DSC, enthalpy, entropy, melting temperature