Study of liposome stability

Author: Mgr. Pavlína Peikertová
Supervisor: RNDr. Eva Kočišová, PhD.
Type: Bachelor

Abstract: Liposomes are the synthetic vesicles with walls formed by the lipid bilayer separating inner media from the outer with different composition. They are applied for different purposes, i.e. as model systems to study molecular transport. Lipid composition can be chosen during their preparation, so that the membrane structure can mimic the structure of the living cell membrane. In the light of liposome application, it is inevitable to study their stability in time; it means how long the suspension conserves their primary properties. The aim of bachelor thesis is to test the stability of liposome suspension in time by using the technique of elastic scattering of light. Angle dependence of the intensity of scatter light was measured for three prepared systems. On the base of the obtained data, it was verified that the studied systems haven’t changed during one week.

Keywords: lipid, membrane, liposomes, molecular transport, elastic scattering of light