Study of angular and time characteristics of suspensions by using of elastic light scattering

Author: Mgr. Pavlína Peikertová
Supervisor: RNDr. Eva Kočišová, PhD.
Type: Master

Abstract: Elastic light scattering represents relatively simple and noninvasive technique to study angular dependencies of the scattered light intensity that contains important information about scattering objects. In the frame of this thesis the data from adapted computer controlled apparatus Photo-gonio-diffusometre type 42.000 were collected. Experimental set-up was upgraded to use it for small sample volumes. Two model systems were studied: polymer and latex suspensions and real systems: liposomal suspension of various sizes, as well. The size estimation by using of Guinier plot was performed from experimental data. This estimation is in good agreement with the defined sizes in case of model systems. For suspensions of liposomes the results are also in relatively good agreement with expected values. Aggregation process and subsequent sedimentation after addition of porphyrin CuTMPyP4 was observed for silver borohydrid colloid. Acquired time and angular dependencies were processed by factor analysis that is able to make a qualitative and temporal separation of both processes.

Keywords: elastic light scattering, liposomal suspension, colloid suspension, Guinier plot, factor analysis