Study of molecular complexes of nucleoside, nucleotide and short oligonucleotide with cationic metaloporphyrines

Author: Mgr. Vít Marek
Supervisor: Doc. RNDr. Peter Mojzeš, CSc.
Type: Master

Abstract: Interactions of cationic copper(II) porphyrin (CuT4) with single-stranded deoxyoligoadenylates and deoxyoligothymidylates of various lengths, and with short hairpins containing single-stranded loops consisting of above-mentioned oligonucleotides, were studied by absorption spectrophotometric titration and nsTRRS. The data acquired were treated by methods of multidimensional statistical analysis and global fitting. The results demon strate that character of the CuT4 binding to oligo(dT)n and oligo(dA)n starts to differ as the oligonucleotide length increases. Whereas a sharp cooperative transition between intercalation and outside binding can be observed for oligo(dT)n with increasing length, only a soft-slope transition was observed for oligo(dA)n. Similarly, whereas a strong influence of the T-loop shortening was observed on the CuT4 outside-binding affnity increase, no such an effect was detected in the case of A-loop hairpins.

Keywords: None