Finished grants:

  • New approaches for study of protein structure by means of vibrational spectroscopy

    Grant agency: GAAS
    Identification number of grant: KJB101120805
    Head of the project: RNDr. Vladimír Kopecký Jr., PhD.
    Vice-head of the project: RNDr. Kateřina Hofbauerová, PhD.

    Grant annotation
    Determination of the protein structure represents one of the key tasks of present molecular biology. There is an urgent need for tree-dimensional structures of proteins for understanding their role in organisms and efficient drug design. The main goal of the project is development of the new methodology for estimation of the secondary structures content of proteins by means of vibrational spectroscopy (Raman spectroscopy, Raman optical activity, drop deposition-coating Raman spectroscopy, Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy and Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy with attenuated total reflection). The large protein reference spectra set for each method will be measured, present methods will be implemented and new methods (based on multivariate statistic) with higher information content, e.g. determination of the number of structure segments, of the protein fold etc., will be developed. The methods will be freely available and can be applied in future protein research.