Finished grants:

  • Interactions of disulfide groups in peptide/ protein molecules - complementary use of electronic and vibrational optical activity

    Grant agency: GACR
    Identification number of grant: P205/10/1276
    Head of the project: Prof. RNDr. Vladimír Baumruk, DrSc.
    Vice-head of the project: Ing. Petr Maloň, CSc.

    Grant annotation
    We will study impact of mutual interactions of disulphide groups in peptides and proteins. We would like to verify already established relationship between disulphide geometry and chiroptical properties (electronic circular dichroism - ECD and Raman optical activity - ROA) under the circumstances when more than one disulphide group is present in a molecule. Moreover, possibility to detect and conformationally analyze disulphide groups in a presence of amide groups will be evaluated. We also plan to investigate magnitude of mutual interactions in electronic spectra (number of dichroic bands and their splitting) and possibilities and limitations of observation of individual disulphide groups on the basis of C-S and S-S- stretching vibrational bands in Raman and particularly ROA spectra.