RNDr. Jana Zachová, CSc.

external co-worker
Born: July 26, 1939, Praha
  • Affiliation: Fyzikální ústav UK, Ke Karlovu 5
  • Room: F 182, 1st basement
  • Phone: +420 221 911 346
  • Fax: +420 224 922 797

Fields of interest and research experience:

  • Growing of single crystals of NA components that have served as a model in the studies of electronic and vibration states of NA bases and their intermolecular interactions: H-bonds, stacking and interaction with metals by means of optical measurements particularly Raman spectroscopy. Therefore growing technology of large (>> 1mm), optically homogeneous single crystals with perfect planes was necessary to develop.
  • Kinetics of growing crystals from solution. High speed growing. Determination of phase diagrams (three components).
  • Crystallization of phosphonate analogs of dinucleosides monophosphates, perspective chemoterapeutics for the purpose of X-ray structure analysis and Raman spectroscopy.
  • Present trends and topics of biochemistry, molecular biology and dietology also from the point of view of biochemistry teaching. Chemotherapy.

Long term stays:

1975 Leningrad State University, Prof. V.A. Frank-Kameneckij, (3 months)
1981‐1990 Institute of Crystallography, Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Dr. Belyaev, Dr. L. Malinina (several 1 month stayes)
1993 UPR De Biologie Structurale CNRS, Strasbourg, Dr.D. Moras
1993 Dip. Di Biochimica, Universita di Bologna, prof. A. Bertoluzza (1 month)

Curiculum vitae:

1961 graduated from the Charles University, Faculty of Natural Sciences in organic chemistry
1970 RNDr. (M.S. equiv.) in the same place on a organic synthesis of a new gestagen
1977 CSc. (PhD equiv.) “Growth and Investigation of Single Crystals of Salts of Nucleic Acid Bases”, Technical University, Prague, prof. J. Kaspar
1961‐1967 Institute for Pharmacy and Biochemistry, Prague, synthesis of steriod drugs (estrogenic part of cs. antibaby pills)
1967‐1970 Research Institute of Fats Industry, Department for Cosmetics, Prague, medical cosmetics
1970 Institute of Physics, Charles University, growth of single crystals of NA components and teaching activities for biophysics students (core lecture courses and practical courses on bioorganic chemistry and biochemistry) and superviser of diploma and prediploma thesis and two PhD students.
1977 Research fellow
1994 Senior research fellow