• One-week Practical Course in Biochemistry
    Code: NBCM018
    Range in summer semester: 0/2 Z
    Range in winter semester: 0/2 Z
    Annotation: One-week training courses in biochemistry - basic biochemical methods
    Note: jedna úloha v praktiku

  • Importance and Functions of Metal Ions in Biological Systems
    Code: NBCM023
    Range in winter semester: 2/0 Zk
    Annotation: Inorganic elements in living systems, their occurrence and function. Essentiality and toxicity of metals. Complex ions of transient metals. Interactions of the metals with porphyrins, nucleic acids and proteins. Metabolism of the most important metals (Fe, Cu, Zn, Ni) and the most important enzymes containing trace elements. Chemotherapeutics containing some non-essential metals.

  • Separation Methods
    Code: NBCM011
    Range in summer semester: 0/2 Z
    Annotation: Methods for preparation of biologically important material - extraction, centrifugation, membrane separations, chromatography, electrophoresis, crystallization.
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