Prof. RNDr. Josef Štěpánek, CSc.

Born: Oct. 3, 1951, Praha
  • Affiliation: Fyzikální ústav UK, Ke Karlovu 5
  • Room: F 265, 2nd floor
  • Phone: +420 221 911 345
  • Fax: +420 224 922 797

Fields of interest and research experience:

  • Study of biomolecules by methods of optical spectroscopy: analysis of vibrational stages of nucleic acids, study of interactions of nucleic acids with heavy metals, testing of new nucleic acids analogues with potential chemotherapeutical importance, electronic and vibrational stages of porphyrins and their interactions with nucleic acids.
  • Methodical development in field of measurement and data analysis in Raman and absorption spectroscopy, application of statistical methods to get physico–chemical properties of studied molecular complexes from spectroscopical data.
  • Development of optical measuring systems.
  • Teaching courses concerning to optics and optical spectroscopy. Co-ordination of teaching in biophysics.

Long term stays:

2006 BioMoCeTi, Université Paris VI
2005 BioMoCeTi, Université Paris XIII
2004 Université Paris VII
1999 Laboratoire de Physicochimie Biomoléculaire et Cellulaire, Université Paris VI
1993 Department of Physical Chemistry, University Stockholm (prof. Kowalewski)
1983 Hasylab, DESY, Hamburk (prof. Kunz)
1981 Department of Wave Processes (prof. S. A. Akhmanov) and Department of Biophysics (prof. Y. S. Pastchenko), Moscow State University