• Detector Characterization Laboratory

  • Magneto-Optical Laboratory Our laboratory for IR spectroscopy is mainly used for photoluminescence measurements at low temperatures in magnetic fields

  • Technological Laboratory Technological laboratory prepares monocrystals of semiconductors CdTe and (CdZn)Te by method of cooling the liquid in vertical temperature gradient.

  • Galvanomagnetic Laboratory

Equipment and technical specifications:

Infrared Fourier transform spectrometer Bruker IFS 66/S with spectral range 80–13 000 cm-1

Superconducting solenoid Oxford Instruments for optical measurements, the split coils design allows experiments in Faraday as well as Voigt configuration in magnetic field up to 11.5 T, temperature range 1.6–300 K

Cryostat Cryovac-Konti for low temperature luminescence mapping equipped with x-y movement in the range 50x50 mm2. Spatial resolution of x-y movement is below 0.001 mm. The sample is placed in vacuum

Continous flow cryostat Leybold, temperatures 4.2–300 K

Semiconductor laser, 633 nm, output power 25 mW

He-Ne laser, 633 nm, output power 8 mW

Laser diode, 675 nm, output power 4 mW

Argon laser, 488 and 514 nm, output power up to 100 mW