• Semiconductors Si, Ge, GaAs, mainly II-VI compounds (CdTe, CdZnTe, InP), ferrites, metals, glass, as well as many other solids

Crystal cutting

  • Oriented cutting
  • Fine cutting of a large-volume crystals (up to 5 inches diameter)

Wire Saws:

  • Diamond wire-saw WELL6234, wire dia. 500μm
  • Diamond wire-saw WELL3242, wire dia. 300μm (
  • Stainles-steel abrasive wire-saw SBT 850, wire dia. 0.05’’,0.10’’, 0.15’’ with glycerine abrasive slurry (
  • Precision wire-saw WS 22 with a thin tungsten (molybdenum) wire, moistened with an oil- or glycerin suspended abrasive slurry, wire dia. 0.05’’,0.10’’, 0.15’’

Mechanical and Chemical polishing


Testing of Semiconductor Detectors

2D Maping of Resistivity (contactless resistivity COREMA)

2D Maping of Photoluminescence

2D Maping of the surface roughness (interferometer ZYGO)

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