• Deep level characterization in semiinsulating semiconductors by the Laser-induced transient current technique

    Grant agency: GAUK
    Identification number of grant: 393222
    Head of the project: RNDr. Marián Betušiak

    Grant annotation

    Semiconductor-based devices are currently used in almost every aspect of everyday life. As a result, permanently increasing demands on an access to high-quality cost affordable materials appear. The performance of any semiconductor device is affected by its defect structure. Identification and elimination of the defects is an integral part of semiconductor fabrication. Over the years, many different defect characterization techniques have emerged, one of which is the laser-induced transient current technique (LTCT). In this project, L-TCT will be used to study space the charge formation in samples equipped with blocking contacts while additional (blocking) contact illumination will be used to manipulate quasi-Fermi level position. A novel approach will be developed and tested on well-explored CdZnTe samples and applied to TlBr and halide perovskites.