Electrical and optical properties of SiC single crystals

Author: Mgr. Mykola Brynza
Supervisor: Doc. Ing. Eduard Belas, CSc.
Consultants: RNDr. Jan Kunc, PhD.
Type: Master

Abstract: Silicon carbide is a semiconductor with a wide bandgap of up to 3.2 eV and is capable of operating in extreme conditions, high temperature and high energy modes. This work focuses on the investigation of electrical and optical pro- perties of monocrystalline SiC by various methods including Raman spectroscopy, volt-ampere characteristics, L-TCT and spectroscopic techniques. The adhesion of contacts and the influence of different contact materials on the ability to detect ionizing radiation are also studied to optimize the technology of preparation of quality SiC-based radiation detectors.

Keywords: SiC, radiation detectors, metal-semiconductor contacts, V-A characteristics, Raman spectroscopy

Download: Electrical and optical properties of SiC single crystals